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DFman Enterprises is all about helping to optimize small businesses for continued success. The core of our business is geared towards helping small businesses in the range of 1 to 50 understand their online presence. We meet all our clients in person to understand their current operations and marketing practices. We can then make sure both segments are geared towards current standards and make use of new technology to improve company production and customer reach. DFman Enterprises focuses on four main platforms of providing web consulting, creating or improving websites, setting up digital marketing campaigns and creating photo or video content to improve online company awareness.

The key to DFman Enterprises is about getting personal one-on-one help and actually meeting your account rep. Owner Dallas Fischer stresses this key element and states, "We will not sign up a client from which either myself or one of my reps has not met in person. As a small business owner you are forced to wear many different hats and will need to make a choice as to what services you may need to outsource to another company. We want to be involved in your business and not just another expense to your balance sheet. We will get to know you and your company and from a better relationship, we will be able to provide you a better service."

Dallas Fischer was a head executive at his prior company and worked directly with hundreds of other small businesses. Dallas formed DFman Enterprises while in college as a side business to earn some extra money. The company originally only focused on building websites, but from visiting hundreds of other small businesses for his other job he realized they all faced the same problems. "As a small business it really doesn't matter what specific industry you are involved in, you will be conducting the same general processes and be faced in today's age of how to integrate technology into your business plan. Sure you can go online and read as many articles as you like, but are you willing to base the future of your business from what you read or would you rather consult with an individual about your topic?"

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity."

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