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Use Multiple Business Email Addresses

Advice about how everyone in business should have at least two email addresses. Your main email address should be tied to your business and used for all relationships, but use another email address for signing up on newsletters or for any online orders.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Customer Lists

Every business needs to implement a CRM. Customer Relationship Management is simply a customer list which allows you to quickly contact existing customers with new information. Customer retention is more valuable than customer acquisition.

Adapting To A Business Setting - Business Culture

Offering services to a wide range of small businesses requires the ability to adapt to the business setting or culture. Your style of delivery for business services to one company is not going to work the same for a business in a different industry. Adapt your style of professional dress and conversation to the business setting or business culture you are in discussion to.

Home Office/Business - Time Management Skills

Dallas Fischer from DFman Enterprises gives a quick tip for running a business from a home office which involves good time management skills. Every morning try to make a plan of attack. On Mondays make your plan for the week, but the key is being able to adapt to daily needs and still accomplish your tasks.

How To Help Small Businesses

3 ways to help out a small business of your choice: Engage with their social media content, post a rating and review and give referrals to anyone who might be looking for the service.

Understanding Image and Video Resolution

A large majority of people fail to understand the difference in image and video resolution and where different resolutions are required in different media.

Domain Names Are Business Assets

Domain names are an overlooked intangible business asset by most small business owners.

DJI Spark DJI Phantom Pro Montana Drone Company

DFman Enterprises introduces their first two drones (UAVs) for their video marketing division to capture anything and everything. Drone aerial footage offers views from a whole new perspective we can offer to all our clients.

Financial Budget Consulting

Consultants can offer an objective view of your business and in addition they can help you discuss and plan out multiple scenarios to be more prepared.

3 Key Steps to Starting a Business

Three critical steps when starting up your own business: Website to post info. Design a business card you can hand out. Start networking with other individuals.

Montana Drone Video Marketing

Drones can be used to capture anything and everything. Drone aerial footage offers views from a whole new perspective.

Social Media Use in a Small Business

As a small business focus on having a presence on one or two social media platforms. Do not try to do all of them.

What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used to exchange between individuals which uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

Understanding Business Overhead

A small business owner who doesn't understand their monthly/yearly breakeven point is going to get in trouble. You need to understand your overhead and develop a budget around it.

Small Business Selling Products Online

Every business needs to be offering their products online. Make sure to research the best platform to get you started.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

A design where no matter the device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) the displayed graphics and information is correctly organized and sized for optimum viewing.

Video Marketing Is More Engaging

Pictures are even becoming outdated. With social media and smart phones today you can share information faster and it needs to be more engaging. Video allows people to understand your product or service faster and needs to be part of your business plan.


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